What is Selfish?

June 21, 2018

Making the hard decisions as a dog kennel is what could break many.  Being aware of where you are, where you are headed and where you hope to be are all completely different concepts that must be assessed separately.  Whether it is dogs, a business or family.  

Being humble enough to know where you went wrong, what you can do different, why it happened is how you learn and grow.  

As a dog kennel, our intentions is that all of our dogs are happy.  Happy where they sleep, their routines, their training, their meals and their friends.  Just happy go lucky dogs living a fantastic happy life.  When one of our dogs is not happy and acts out in uncertain ways, we assess why and try a million methods to correct the behavior.  However it does not always work; the dog is just unhappy, the pack is unhappy and we are unhappy.   

Being humble enough to realize that the dog could be happier outside of your control is super duper hard.  Realizing that the dog could even prosper and grow with another situation and another life.  Ultimately it is letting go of control, but is it selfish?  Selfish to not try more?  I'm not sure.  

I know it hurts like hell, but we shall go on.   Learning and Growing.


Push Limits

What happens when you are sick?

Jan 19, 2018

I have had a migraine for 3 days.  Pounding unwavering headache.  The first day I took off, everyone deserves a day off every once in a while.  My daughter cooked dinner and my man helped with the dogs.  It was nice and so appreciated.

Day 2

Daughter goes to school, Man goes to work and I'm left with the dogs.  So instead of running them physically I hid treats all over the house and rotated through the bunch.  Boy, I should do that more often!!  They all had so much fun and it required very little effort on my part.

Day 3

Tried the treat game, wasn't such a hit today.  They need physical release and my head is pounding the more I move, the more it hurts.  Solution!  I used our spring pole!  All I had to do was stand there and say "Good Boy!"  It worked out great.

What will I do tomorrow?  Please let this head ache go away.  I can always ask for more help, but it is so important that everyone gets taken care of (my way) haha! 

Wish me luck tomorrow :)