Raffle - November 1, 2017


Automatically entered upon liking our FB page

We had over 2000 entries!!  And over 300 Double Entries!  The live feed of our raffle drawing is public on our One Bullies Facebook page. The winner was gracious enough to post this publicly on our page.  The raffle was for a 100% FREE Bully Box full of Bully and Dog related items totally well over $100!  Congrats again to the winner!  

Next drawing is Jan 6, 2017

Puppy Consult Oct 12, 2017


"Thank you for helping us buy our baby!  He is the greatest addition to our home and we can't wait to see him grow up.  We truley appreciate the time you took to help walk us through this process.  Yes, go ahead and post this publicly.  You did a great job!"           - Anabelle M.